StockTools Version 1.0 Released

StockTools version 1.0 has been released.  This software is a handy set of tools to calculate different aspects of stock transactions.  You can calculate the Gain/Loss of a transaction, Sell Price given a particular dollar gain, the number of shares you can afford with a certain dollar amount, a dollar cost average of a series of trades, and a percentage spread of 8 different percent values of a particular price.

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These tools are small in size so that they can be displayed in concert with your favorite trading platform without interfering with its operation.  The tools can also be set to be on top of other programs so that they are always visible when trading.

Further information on the StockTools suite of programs can be found here.  The product website also provides web based versions of the QuickGain, QuickSellPrice and QuickShares caluclators free of charge.  The web calculators can be found on their own page.

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