Matrix Video Player 1.0 Released

We are pleased to announce that Matrix Video Player (MVP) version 1.0 is released.  MVP is a video player that allows multiple videos to be opened at once.  All of the opened videos are arranged in a tiled manner to fill the main window and are re-sized to fit the main window.  There is also a full screen mode that will show the videos using the entire screen size.

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All of the videos can be controlled simultaneously providing stop, play/pause, restart, fast forward, and rewind capabilities.  Also, all of the videos can be muted or un-muted simultaneously.

Videos can also be rearranged within the matrix by simply dragging and dropping the video to a new location.

Each individual video position can be controlled through a video seeker for each video which can be hidden or shown as needed.  In addition to simultaneous muting and un-muting, each file can individually be muted or un-muted.

The program supports drag and drop for opening files as well as multiple file opening in the Open File dialog.  The files that are opened can be saved to a collection file for quick re-opening at a later time.  Videos that are already opened can be “copied” so that two instances of the same video can be playing at the same time.

There are two versions of this software, the Lite version and the Full version.  The versions are the same in functionality except the Lite version supports only opening two videos at a time where the Full version is not limited.  The Lite version is available for free and the Full version is available for a small price.  For more details or to download the free version, see the Matrix Video Player product page.

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