Announcing The Release of TailWin Log File Viewer

We are pleased to announce the release of the TailWin log file viewer for Winodws™. TailWin log file viewer watches a text file in the Windows™ file system and prints out the newly added lines of text in the file in the program’s main window in reverse order showing the most recent text lines last.

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The main features of TailWin log file viewer are:

  • Built for the Windows™ Operating System
  • Continuously monitors a text file for changes and displays the new lines in the file
  • Shows new text lines in reverse order to quickly see changes
  • Saves most recently used files for ease of opening
  • Ideally suited for log file viewing such as webserver error logs and webserver access logs

More information on TailWin log file viewer can be found at the plug in website at
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