Coyne Technology Systems Website Redesigned

As you may be able to tell, we have redesigned the Coyne Technology Systems website. Our new site consists of a consistent theme throughout the site as well as a more structured layout of the information. We have added a workshop in the form of a eCommerce shopping system to allow purchasing our products as well as downloading free software and tools.

We installed an eCommerce solution to hold our products, whether they be for sale or for free. We call this the shop, short for workshop. This gives you the ability to sign up for our newsletter whether you are interested in buying our products or just looking to download some free software. The shop uses PayPal for secure order processing and puts all of our products in a central location.

We maintained the Coyne Technology Systems Blog for articles about products and information in fact, our design orignated from the wp-burn theme for WordPress, which was caried out across the entire site. We re-designed our static pages to use this theme and incorporated the theme into the eCommerce shop.

On the top of each page is the high level menu system that allows the visitor to see the major locations in the site. On the right of the content displays the navigation depending on which major location the user is in. Static pages show product navigation, blog pages show blog roll links, categories, and recent articles, and the shop shows eCommerce related items.

We hope you enjoy the new format and would welcome feedback!

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