Can Internet Last Till The End Of Time?

It’s entirely understandable for you to wonder about the possible end of the Internet when you are earning your income from online activities. Rather thanexpending unnecessary effort on something that you do not yet have the ability or power to change at the moment, it is best if you focus on what you can do to protect your business from the future instead.

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Liquor Monitoring Systems for Better Productivity

An effective control system for managing inventory is essential for the success of a business house. A combination of expert employees and sophisticated technology will go a long way towards realizing that goal or objective. Physical counting of inventory is now an obsolete procedure and businesses cannot think about reducing their operating costs with it anymore. Today, the straight forward formula towards profit maximization and cost reduction lies with organized inventory data and effective inventory monitoring systems. Continue Reading

SEO: Keywords are Key

In order to have an effective search engine optimization campaign, choosing the right keywords is crucial. Without focusing on keywords, you’re making it difficult on yourself, and you can easily waste time and money. To understand why this is the case, let’s go into some detail about keywords and how they can make or break your SEO campaign. Continue Reading

Don’t Get Scammed Online: Here’s What To Do When E-Shopping

Online shopping is a wonderful way to get your stuff nowadays. You can get absolutely anything on the Internet and most of these sites offer great bargains and no shipping costs. This means no commuting is necessary, no worrying about parking, no queues, no more wasting time or energy to buy anything. You can do it online at one click of the mouse right from your bedroom.
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Essential Tools for Internet Marketing

It is true that you can never have a successful Internet marketing campaign if you don’t have at least a working grasp of how it works, the necessary skills to perform common to complex Internet marketing tasks, and of course a nearly inexhaustible supply of patience, perseverance, and creativity. Having the right products or services also matters. But what many people forget is that Internet marketing also relies on having essential tools in your disposal. Continue Reading

What You Get With VMware Tools Installation

VMware Tools are an optional set of drivers and utilities that improve the performance and manageability of virtual machines. VMware Tools is different from other upgrades and add-ons because it is not a single application. It is a group of services and software drivers that greatly improve the user experience of VMware virtual machines. VMware Tools is installed directly on guest operating systems to improve their performance and functionality, including video resolution, mouse operations, and other important interface operations. Continue Reading

5 Tools to Repair and Maintain Your PC

Problems with PCs can happen anytime without warning.  Drivers get deleted, files get corrupted or accidentally deleted, the Windows Registry gets corrupted or any number of other problems can cause your PC to slow, act irrationally, or downright crash leading to the dreaded Blue Screen of death.  Since the average PC user does not have their own IT Services  on hand, we have compiled a list of 5 tools that you can use  to repair your PC, both as a preventative measure or in the event something drastic does happen. Continue Reading

SEO Friendly URLs With PHP, MySQL and Apache – Part 2

This is the second part of a two part series on implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly URLs in an Apache/PHP/MySQL environment. In the first part of this article we discussed why we would implement SEO friendly URLs and in this part we discuss how we would implement SEO friendly URLs. This article provides the technical details necessary to implement SEO friendly URLs in an Apache web server, PHP programming language, and MySQL database environment and gives the details on how each of these parts link together to provide the appropriate information when the SEO URL is requested by the user. Continue Reading

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Implementation of SEO Friendly URLs With PHP – Part 1

Just about all the information you can read on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with regard to urls being SEO friendly includes discussions on using them, however if you are not using a Content Management System (CMS) to implement them, you may be doing yourself more harm than good.  This two-part article discusses how to implement SEO urls in your website if you are building your site from the ground up.  Part 1 discusses the rational behind the article and Part -2 walks through an example of a webpage that lists news articles and shows individual articles within the site utilizing SEO friendly URLS.  It also discusses the .htaccess file changes that would need to be made to ensure there is only one version of the url availble to web browsers and automatic robots.

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Defining Custom Page Error Handlers with .htaccess

Have you ever gotten to a web page on a website where the document did not exist where the error page matched the look and feel of the site?  Ever wonder how to accomplish that on your site?  If you are using an Apache Web Server with the ability to modify the .htaccess file, changing the error pages to match your site is simple!

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